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WP5 Spectrum Policy and Business Models

Description of WP5 entitled spectrum policy and business models
The main goals of this work package are to establish working business models for operators of wireless networks based on reference case analysis as well as to give recommendations for how access to radio spectrum and sharing of infrastructure should be regulated in order to benefit optimally from the concept of resource sharing, while still stimulating competition. The specific objectives are as follows:
  1. Identify different scenarios of sharing resources (radio spectrum and infrastructure) – the scenarios depend on factors such as current number of networks and operators, types of radio access technology used (including any legacy networks), competitive pressure, traffic structure and demand, availability of spectrum and infrastructure.
  2. Develop working business models for operators of mobile networks as well as identifying opportunities for new parties on the market (e.g. spectrum brokers).
  3. Develop a pricing mechanism for trading resources (spectrum and access to infrastructure) between operators in real-time.
  4. Provide recommendations about which changes in the regulatory framework would be required or beneficial in order to provide optimal opportunities for the identified innovations.
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