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WP6 Demonstrator Testbed

Description of WP6 entitled demonstrator testbed

The main goal of this work package is to develop a demonstrator platform for evaluation and demonstration of the developed resource sharing strategies and algorithms. Testing algorithms by means of the demonstrator platform has the advantage that many of the main real world effects which affects communication signals are included within the results of the experiments. These are for example RF-impairments, multi-path radio channel propagation, antenna characteristics, and signal quantisation. Therefore, the results of such demonstrator platform experiments can be applied much easier to real world wireless communication systems compared to pure simulation results.

The evaluation results will be used within the project to improve strategies and algorithms by an iterative optimisation approach. Therefore the development of the demonstrator will start right at the beginning of the project to get the platform ready for operation in time with the first preliminary resource sharing strategies and signal processing algorithms are developed and are ready for evaluation. Two demonstrations are planned.

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